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This course is a detailed exploration of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse' text on Arabic Morphology entitled Tuḥfah al-Aṭfāl fī Bayān Haqīqah al-Af‘āl fī ‘Ilm al-Ṣarf. The text was written as an introduction to the science of Ṣarf, or Arabic Morphology, to give students the most essential skills needed for further study. It will be taught in a total of 20 topics. Lessons will be recorded and there will be weekly live sessions to review and practice what is learned in the recorded lessons. 

A brief explanation of the most common meanings of each form will be given. 

Prerequisites: Ability to read Arabic text with vowels. 

List of Topics:

Topic 1: 3 Variations of the Root (Form I) Verb

Topic 2: Verbs With One Letter Added to the Root

Topic 3: Verbs with Two Letters Added to the Root

Topic 4: Verbs with Three or More Letters Added to the Root

Topic 5: Irregular Verbs: al-Mahmūz

Topic 6: Irregular Verbs: al-Mithāl

Topic 7: Irregular verbs: al-Ajwaf

Topic 8: Irregular Verbs: al-Lafīf

Topic 9: Irregular Verbs: al-Manqūṣ

Topic 10: Irregular Verbs: al-Muḍa‘af

Topic 11: al-Muḍāri‘ (al-Mustaqbal): Three Variations of فَعَلَ

Topic 12: al-Muḍāri‘: Weak Verbs on the Pattern فَعَلَ

Topic 13: Taṣrīf (Derived Forms) of the Pattern فَعَلَ

Topic 14: Taṣrīf (Derived Forms) of the Pattern فَعِلَ

Topic 15: Taṣrīf (Derived Forms of the Pattern فَعُلَ

Topic 16: Taṣrīf (Derived Forms) of the Verbs with One Additional Letter

Topic 17: Taṣrīf (Derived Forms) of the Verbs with Two Additional Letters

Topic 18: Taṣrīf (Derived Forms) of the Verbs with Three or More Additional Letters

Topic 19: The Formulation of the Imperative

Topic 20: Conclusion

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In this self-paced course, you will learn to read Arabic text with vowels. The course text used, al-Qā’idah al-Nūrāniyyah is a common text used to teach Arabic reading and Qur'anic recitation. The topics covered will be:

  1. Arabic Letters
  2. Joining Letters
  3. al-Ḥurūf al-Muqatta‘ah
  4. Vowels: Fatḥa, Kasra and Ḍamma
    • Correct Pronunciation of Letters
  5. Tanwīn (Doubled Vowels)
  6. Elongated vowels
    • Small alif, yā and wāw
    • Madd and Līn Letters
  7. Sukūn
  8. Doubled Letters

One issue for which many Sufis in general, and Tijānīs in particular, are criticized is the claim of seeing the Prophet ﷺ while awake. People generally fall into noe of three categories regarding these claims. Some consider it completely impossible and therefore deny it altogether. Others consider it possible and accept reports of its occurrence when related reliably from the upright. And the last group may accept its possibility, but deny specific instances of it. 

Imam al-Suyūṭī composed his short treatise, Tanwīr al-Ḥalak fī Imkān Ru'yah al-Nabī wa al-Malak, with the first groups in mind.